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Saturday, September 10, 2011

How to connect a PC to net using GPRS mobile via bluetooth for Aircel (Prepaid & Postpaid), Airtel, Vodafone, Videocon

Step 1.Go to Control Panel
2.Select Hardware and Sound
3.Select Devices and Printers
4.Select Add a Device
Make sure the bluetooth settings "on" in your mobile and PC.
5.Now you should see the icon of your mobile.If not so try again to add  your mobile.
6.Right click on the icon and select "Modem settings"
7.Now you will see "Phon and Modem".
8.Select "Modems" tab.
9.Select"Standard modem over bluetooth link"
10.Click "Properties"
11.You will see a new box. In that box click "change settings".
12. Another new box will appear.In that box click on the "Diagnostics" tab.
13.Click "Query modem" .You should see something in the box above the Query modem dialog.
14. Then go to the ''Advanced tab".
15. In the "Extra Initialization command" box type the following command suitable to your mobile service provider:
For Aircel prepaid customers  :
For Aircel postpaid customers:
For Airtel customers:

For Vodafone customers:
For Videocon customers:

And then click OK.

16.Go to Control Panel.
17.Click "Network and Internet".

18.Click "Network status and Tasks"
19.Click "Setup a new connection or Network.
20.Select "Setup a dial up connection",click "Next"
21.Select "Standard Modem Over Bluetooth Link" and click "Next"
22.In the Dial up number box type *99# .Leave user name and password blank.Click "Connect"
23. If you can't connect to internet try the following numbers one by one:
*99***3# etc.,

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