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Saturday, September 3, 2011


Applications are invited from candidates for admission to the Departmental Examinations to be held in December 2011 THROUGH “ONLINE” ONLY (Application Forms will not be supplied by the Commission).

1. Candidates should make use of the facility of applying ‘Online’ through the Commissions ‘Website’ with cost of Registration Fee Rs.30/- and Examination Fee Rs.50/- for each test.(a) Candidates should make sure that he has acquired the Postal Receipts obtained from anyone of the post offices listed in Annexure-II to the Commission’s Notification for the requisite number of tests that he is applying for, before registering Online. “CANDIDATES SHOULD NOTE THAT APPLICATION FEE OF Rs.30/- ALSO WILL HAVE TO BE INCLUDED TO THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF EXAMINATION FEE PRESCRIBED FOR THE TESTS APPLIED FOR AND
(b) The Examination fee, the Test Code details, names of the post offices are available on the Commission’s Website at ’
(c) The Candidates should register their particulars through online till 5.45 p.m. on 30.09.2011. In the printout generated from the website they should sign both in the Application and Identification certificate and should send their signed application along with the enclosures (including Postal Receipts) so as to reach the commission’s office till 5.45 p.m.on 04-10-2011.
(d) The Postal Receipts obtained for the payment of cost of Application / Examination Fee (excluding postal service charge Rs.12/-) should be pasted in the space provided in the application.
2. Date of Notification – 1.9.2011.
3. i) Last date for registering Online Applications -- 30- 09-2011 till 5.45 P.M
ii) Last date for the receipt of online applications in physical form in the Commission’s Office : 04-10-2011 till 5.45 P.M.4. 
Centres of Examinations -- The Departmental Examinations will be held in the following Centres:-

Ariyalur 030 Ramanathapuram 016 Chennai 001 Salem 017
Coimbatore 002 Sivaganga 018 Cuddalore 003 Thanjavur 019
Dharmapuri 004 Theni 020 Dindigul 005 Thiruvallur 021
Erode 006 Thiruvannamalai 022 Kancheepuram 007 Thiruvarur 023
Karur 009 Thoothugudi 024 Krishnagiri 031 Tiruchirappalli 025
Madurai 010 Tirunelveli 026 Nagapattinam 011 Tiruppur 032
Nagercoil 119 Vellore 027 Namakkal 012 Villupuram 028
The Nilgris (Udhagamandalam) 013 Virudhunagar 029
Perambalur 014 New Delhi 175 Pudukkottai 015
(i) The candidates should write the examination only at the Head quarters of the District in which they are working (office) unless or otherwise they are specifically permitted by the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission to write the Examination in any other Centre. This condition will not apply to the unemployed candidates and
candidates employed in private concerns.
(ii) Change of Centre:
a) The candidate will appear for the examination at the centre where he is employed. Only in exceptional circumstances, [i.e., transfer, training, deputations] candidates will be allowed change of centre, provided requests for such changes are received in the Commission’s Office on or before 31-10-2011. Such requisition for the change of centre will have to be routed through the Head of Office or a certificate to that effect obtained from the competent authority should be attached. Applications for change of centre received in the Commission’s Office after the date
referred to above or not sent through the Head of Office or sent without proper certificate, will not be considered.
b) A Candidate changing his place of examination without the permission of the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission shall have his examination annulled.
5. Day and Dates of Written Examination:-

Code Numbers of the Test /Day of the Examination/ Date of the Examination
001 – 011 (Except 010)/Friday/23-12-2011 FN
016 – 023/Friday/23-12-2011 AN
029 - 039/Saturday/24-12-2011 FN
044 – 054/Saturday/24-12-2011 AN
058 – 063/Monday/26-12-2011 FN
067 – 075/Monday/26-12-2011 AN
081 - 089(Except 087)/Tuesday/27-12-2011 FN
094 – 098/Tuesday/27-12-2011 AN
102 – 115 (Except 104 and 108)/Wednesday/28-12-2011 FN
119 – 132 (Except 124 and 127)/Wednesday/28-12-2011 AN
135 – 148/Thursday/29-12-2011 FN
152 – 164/Thursday/29-12-2011 AN
168 – 176/Friday/30-12-2011 FN
177 – 190/Friday/30-12-2011 AN
194 – 206/Saturday/31-12-2011 FN
208 only/Saturday/31-12-2011 AN
209-215 Purely VIVA-VOCE – The dates of Oral Test will be
Intimated to the candidates individually.
Note:- The Forenoon session will commence from 9.00 a.m. and the afternoon session will commence from 2-30 p.m.
6. Fee:- The fee payable for each of the tests included in the Departmental Examinations are given in the Annexure-I
Note:- (i)(a) The examination fee should be paid by Postal Receipt only.
(b) Postal Receipt :- The Fee should be paid only through any one of the Post Offices listed in the Annexure-II to the notification and the Postal Receipt obtained for the payment of fee shoud be pasted in the space provided in the application.(Not applicable to New Delhi candidates). The Candidates should check up the correctness of the particulars in the postal receipts enclosed with their applications. If they fail to send the Postal Receipts towards Fees or if the Postal Receipts sent by them are found defective or invalid, their applications will be rejected. The Postal Receipts should have been obtained on or after the date on which the advertisement notifying the Departmental Examination December – 2011 is published in the dailies.
(c) As regards New Delhi candidates the examination fee should be paid only by crossed “Account Payee” Demand Draft obtained from any of the Scheduled / Nationalised Bank payable to the Secretary, Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission, Chennai – 600 006 at Chennai Only. 
7. Copies of Photographs:- The candidates must affix two identical copies of his recent passport size photographs along with the applications. These two photographs should be duly signed by the candidate. One copy should be pasted on the top of the application form in the space provided for the purpose and other copy should be pasted on the identification certificate. (The Identification Certificate should be filled in and signed by the candidate.) In the case of the persons who are in the Government Service or who are in the employment under Quasi Government Organisations / Undertakings / Boards / Corporations / Municipal Offices / Local bodies, their photographs should be attested by the Head of the Office duly affixing the stamp showing the name and designation of the attesting authority. In the case of those who are not in any of the services referred to above, the photographs should be
attested by an officer coming under Group–A or B. If the candidate himself belongs to Group ‘A or B’, he may attest his own photograph affixing the stamp showing his designation. Failure to comply with this instruction will entail summarily rejection of the application.
Note:- (i) The photographs should have been taken not earlier than a month from the date of application.
(ii) The following photographs will not be accepted and the application of the candidates producing Such Photographs will be summarily rejected --
(a) Mutilated Photographs.
(b) Photographs already used in connection with another application.
(c) Copies of photographs taken on different occasions.
(d) Copies of photographs taken from Block of Photographs or printed materials.
(e) Photostat/Xerox copies of Photographs.
(f) Stamp size photographs
8. The syllabus, the maximum number of marks, the minimum number of marks required for a pass and the duration of the test are published in Part II--Section 2 (Supplement) of the Tamil Nadu Government Gazette, dated 18th
December 1991 and dated 28th May 1997 and also in the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Bulletins, dated 16th July 1992, 16th November 1997 and dated Ist February 2002. The Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments
Administration Department Test will be conducted as per the orders issued by the Government in G.O.Ms. No.243, T.D. Culture & R.E. Department, dated 27th July 2000.
9. Candidates are allowed the option to answer the paper in all the tests either in English or in Tamil or partly in English and partly in Tamil, except the test on translation and the language test which have to be answered only in the language chosen by them in their applications.
10. The application forms supplied earlier by the Commission or handwritten or typed or roneoed or in the Xerox forms will not be accepted and they will be rejected even if the cost of application is enclosed along with application forms. The candidates should ensure that the name of the tests and name of the centre with code numbers are correctly mentioned in the application form and signed at required place in the application. The names of the tests, code numbers and the fees payable are given in the Annexure-I. The names of the centres and code numbers are given in paragraph 4 above.
Note: -- (1) No notice will be taken on the request of the candidates to write other tests in lieu of or in addition to those entered in his application. The answer book of a candidate who answers a paper or a test other than the one chosen by him in his application or admitted by the Commission will be invalidated.
(2) Applications which are defective in any form will be summarily rejected.
(3) Applications which are not signed will be rejected.
(4) Candidates are at liberty to apply for as many tests as the time table allows. If a candidate applies for two or more tests which are held at one and the same time, he will be permitted to write only one of the tests which may be decided by him, eventhough Memorandum of admission has been sent to him for all
the tests for which he had applied.
(5) If for any reason, the Commission is not satisfied as to the trustworthiness of a candidate’s result, the candidate will be required to undergo examination in one or more of the subjects of the examinations for which he appeared and his success or failure will be determined on the result of such re-examination.
11. A candidate submitting an application to the Departmental Examinations will abide by all the rules in force.
12. (a) Blind candidate/Orthopaedically Handicapped candidate who is unable to use his hands to write the examination is allowed the assistance of a scribe subject to the following conditions:-
(i) Blind candidate should produce a Medical Certificate from a Government Medical Officer to the effect that he is totally blind and that he is not in a position to write the examination on his own.
The Orthopaedically Handicapped candidate should produce a Medical Certificate from a Government Medical Officer specifying the nature of physical defect which he is suffering from and that he is not in a position to write the examination on his own.
(ii) Blind candidate/Orthopaedically Handicapped candidate should indicate in bold letters on the top of the application as “BLIND CANDIDATE/ORTHOPAEDICALLY HANDICAPPED candidate”. (iii) Blind candidate/Orthopaedically Handicapped candidate will be seated in a separate room under the direct supervision of the Chief Invigilator. They will be allowed an hour extra time for writing the examination. The answers dictated by the candidate will be tape recorded.
(iv) The Commission will arrange for the scribes and the scribes will be paid remuneration by the Commission.
(v) At the closure of the examination, the scribe will read what he has written in the answer book so as to ensure the correctness of the dictation. A declaration to this effect should be given by such candidates with thumb impression/signature.
Note:- The applicant who fails to comply with the instructions (i) and (ii) above will not be considered as a physically Handicapped candidate.
(b) Candidates who are unable to make use of their own hands due to any infirmity to hold the answer book or turn the pages for answering the questions are allowed the assistance of a mazdoor subject to the following conditions:-
(i) The differently abled candidate should produce a medical certificate from a Government Medical Officer specifying the nature of physical defect with which he is suffering from and that he is not in a position to hold the answer book and turn the pages and that the assistance of another person is necessary for the above purpose.
(ii) He should also indicate in bold letters on the top of his application that the applicant is a differently abled candidate.
(iii) The candidate has to engage an uneducated mazdoor to hold the book and turn the pages at his own cost.
(iv) The differently abled candidates will be seated in a separate room under the direct supervision of the Chief Invigilator. They will be allowed an hour extra time for writing the examination.
Note: The applicant who fails to comply with the instructions (i) and (ii) above will not be considered as a differently abled person.
13. Every application should be sent along with the identification certificate and Postal Receipt by Registered Post / Speed Post superscribed and addressed as follows:-
“Application for admission to the Departmental Examinations.”
The Secretary,
Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,
Commercial Tax Annexe Building,
No.1, Greams Road,
Chennai-600 006.
Note:- The candidates should send the applications direct to the Commission and not through their office.
14. Any candidate who does not behave properly towards the Chief Invigilator / Invigilators of the Examination Halls / any other inspecting authority or any candidate resorting to malpractice of any kind will have his answer book invalidated. He is also liable to be debarred from appearing again for any of the examinations either permanently or for such term of years as the Commission may decide as fit. The same penalty will be imposed on any candidate who personally or by letter attempts to canvas or bring influence to bear on an examiner or Member of the Commission or its staff, in connection with the examination or on whose behalf such attempt is made by any relative, friend, patron/official or other persons. The above penalty will be imposed also in case where candidates make an appeal in their answer papers invoking sympathy of examiners in connection with their result.
15. Memorandum of admission (hall tickets) to the examination will be sent to the candidates ten days before the date of examination. Candidates who do not receive it seven days before the examination, should apply for it to the Secretary, Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission, Commercial Tax Annexe Building, No.1, Greams Road, Chennai- 600 006, along with a recent unused photograph duly signed. The photograph should be identical to the one already pasted on the application. Request received in this regard without the required photograph will not be complied with. On receipt of the memorandum of admission, candidates should verify whether the entries made in it are correct and if not, should return it immediately to the Commission for necessary action. Any communication intended for the Commission must be made in writing with the particulars of Application Number assigned to him,, the centre chosen by him and the name of the test for which he has applied and the Register Number, if any assigned to him and addressed only to the Secretary. If a reply is sought, a selfaddressed and sufficiently stamped envelope should be sent so as to comply with his request 16. The result of the December 2011 Departmental Examinations (i.e.) detailed list containing the Register Numbers, Name, Address of the successful candidates, will be published in the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Bulletin, dated 7th March 2012 and 16th March 2012. The copies of TNPSC Bulletin will not be supplied from the Commission’s Office. No certificate of success will be issued. The copies of the TNPSC Bulletin can be obtained from the Director of Stationery and Printing, Publication Depot, Anna Salai, Chennai - 600 002, on payment.
The results can also be accessed at the Commission’s website ‘ which is periodically updated.

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