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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Low data consuming browser in mobile

    There are many mobile browsers available in the market. But it is our duty to find out the best browser which suits our data plan. Because internet service providers have raised there tariff plans. Data consumed  by us is measured like gold by the ISPs.
   So I decided to find the low data consuming browser in mobiles.
  I take Opera mini, One browser, Google chrome, Easy browser, Dolphin browser mini for this experiment.
   Remember that this experiment is done in an android device!
   First I opened a particular Web page in opera mini. Then I measured the consumed by the web page. It was 40 KB.
   Then I opened the same web page in One browser. It shows me 100 KB.
  Then I did the same task on Google chrome. It gave the result of 350 KB.
  Repeating it on Dolphin browser mini to get 210 KB.Easy browser consumed 150 KB for the same web page.
   So, from the above experiments we can come to a conclusion that the low data consuming browser in mobile is Opera mini!

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